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  • Data & maps: HSI Version 2 & a “classic” HDI

    Posted on March 9th, 2011 editor0 No comments

    HSI Version 2

    HSI Version 2

    Data have been released for Human Security Index Version 2, and for a “classic” Human Development Index. Check the tabs above for the data, maps, and documentation.

    The United Nations Development Programme’s 2010 global Human Development Report changed its formulation for the HDI, and also reduced coverage to 169 countries. The HDI released here (under the tab for “A ‘Classic’ Human Development Index with 232 Countries”) aims for wider geographic coverage. After all, that is considered germane to usefulness of a “global” HSI. Please don’t try to compare rating numbers, or relative rankings, in this HDI with any others. With so many more countries, your Country X of interest could have a higher rating number, yet a lower relative ranking, due to the large number of (usually relatively small) countries added to this HDI.

    A few maps have been added. More maps should be added over time.

  • Documentation for HSI Version 2

    Posted on January 26th, 2011 editor0 No comments

    Human Security Index Version 2.0 was released on 9 December 2010.   Click on the tabs above entitled “HSI Version 2″ and “A Human Development Index (HDI) with 232 Countries” for more information, including data and maps.