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  • A “Classic” Human Development Index with 232 Countries

    The HSI v2 database contains a bonus - a Human Development Index computed much as the classic United Nations Development Programme HDI (prior to UNDP’s 2010 modification of its approach).

    By “classic” we mean that literacy remains the focus of the education component (rather than school life expectancy, last-year’s change from the outcome-oriented literacy to the process-oriented school life expectancy), and that the income, education and health components are arithmetically averaged, not geometrically averaged as changed in 2010 by the UNDP.

    The curator of the HSI first created a “Human Development Index” in the mid 1980s, several years before UNDP released its HDI in 1990. Of course, the mid-1980s dataset was not called Human Development Index, but used the same input data, sourced from World Bank and CIA World Factbook materials.

    Human Development Index covering 232 countries

    Human Development Index covering 232 countries

    The map shown above is available in larger form, with your choice of white and black backgrounds. The white background may be better for reports and printing, the black background may be better for use on a Website. Permission is granted here for use of these images in reports on on Websites (including blogs), so long as http://www.HumanSecurityIndex.org is credited as the source.

    The data are here: (The “classic” HDI appears on the second and third tabs of the spreadsheet.)

    • In ISO Open Document Format (native to OpenOffice.org and others, open-able in recent versions of other spreadsheet packages like MS Excel).
    • In classic MS Excel 1997-2003 .xls format for portability.
    • Here is the original 2008-2009 release of the classic HDI with 230+ countries, as a Working Paper of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. That link is to a summary page that links to a .pdf. If you want to go directly to the .pdf, click here.