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  • HSI Component: Protection of, and benefitting from, diversity

    Posted on November 2nd, 2009 editor0 No comments

    Are people at ease, or not, because of their gender, age, place of origin, religion, other beliefs, educational status, economic status, so-called disability, or other characteristic that they are not abnormally pushing on others? (This is not an opportunity for people to attempt co-option of, or hegemony over, others’ equally valued situations or beliefs.)

    There is currently some challenge in representing this component of human security.

    However, at least for gender, there is a good start. The global Human Development Reports place considerable focus on gender, as do some other organizations. However, HumanSecurityIndex.org currently believes that the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index may be the best candidate to use, at least for now. It is multi- faceted, and makes a good start at global “completeness” by covering many economies (134 in the latest release). It also appears to be amenable to conservative, as well as more radical, interpretation- discussion- strategizing- policies- and implementations.

    All these considerations are important. A successful Human Security Index should facilitate a diversity of discussion, intercomparison of alternative strategies, and implementation plans which help everyone -especially those currently on the shorter sides of the “Security Divide” between the “Privileged”, the “Semi-privileged and sort-of OK”, and the “Marginalized and not OK” corners of society.

    HumanSecurityIndex.org’s long term hope is for a more inclusive indicator - crafted to represent the comfort (or lack of same) of an individual in a community, based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or other factor that could be (but hopefully is not) marginalizing – such as physical or other “disability.”

    Perhaps we can now try to craft some new indicators addressing this issue?